How are you managing retirement education?

Live in-person meetings are time consuming and expensive. They stop productivity and can only measure employee attendance; rarely getting participant involvement and making it impossible to measure what they have actually learned. Avoid these expensive meetings and save time and effort by using Edukate’s dashboard with tools to manage your plan, connect your participants to education, and measure their success. Give your employees the financial wellness tools they deserve to make better financial decisions.

Track, report, and communicate

All your retirement plan education in one place

Save time by having all of your educational initiatives across all of your retirement plans in one place. We keep track of all education completed by your plan participants and aggregate the data to your dashboard, giving you the tools to effectively see at a glance how well your plan is performing and where you need to spend your resources.

Track, report, and communicate

The financial education you provided, all in one beautiful report

All of this education tracking is great, but to make it even better, we have implemented a reporting system that allows you to create a fiduciary annual education report to hand over to your client providing clear statistics denoting how well their participants learned and giving them a starting point for planning next year’s goals.

Retirement Fiduciary Education Report - Edukate

Incentivize education through contests

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to save time & money, work less, and provide education to all of your plan participants? Edukate is a gamified platform that allows employees to gain points, badges and rewards for completing courses and videos. Employees can track their progress and, with a little friendly competition through our leaderboard system, can see how they are doing compared to others, motivating them to learn even more!

Retirement Education Contest - Edukate

Save time by delegating plan management

Whether you have a large or small team, delegating tasks is the most efficient way to be productive. Education and communication is no different. Managing a multitude of employees, driving participant engagement, onboarding and off-boarding employees and responding to inquiries can all be assigned and delegated within Edukate’s dashboard, allowing you to focus on your task while ensuring your team has access to the tools to create better participant outcomes.

Save time by delegating plan management - Edukate

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